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Time for a #MatchaMoment


I was introduced to Mizuba Tea Co. about a year ago and knew instantly we had to add their tea to our menu. Originally from Santa Barbara and now based in Portland, Mizuba Tea co. has been creating #matchamoments all over the country! We are so grateful to carry their organic Matcha and Houjicha here at Live Oak Cafe and can't get enough. For those who don't know anything about Matcha or those who already love it, I encourae all to go to visit their website which is wonderfully educational and shows their dedication to honoring traditions and sourcing quality ingredients. instagram @mizubateaco

Ready to give it a try...

Drop in anytime and try one of our Matcha creations

  • We offer lattes and tea made with organic Matcha Powder or organic Houjicha powder (less caffeine and has a nutty roasted flavor).

  • Check the pastry case! you will often find things like a Matcha Cheesecake or Matcha Pana Cotta (pictured above)

  • Yes, even cocktails. Try our Coconut Matcha Daiquiri for your next happy hour drink!

  • We also sell the 40g tins so you can make your own at home too.

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