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Earn Points at Live Oak Cafe: Easy Peezy!

This year we started a loyalty program to reward our wonderful Regulars and hopefully bring in some new ones!

Its been a crazy couple of years but as things start to settle down and feel as though they are going back to "normal" we are looking for ways to improve and say thanks to our loyal customers that have stuck with us! Since we have so many customers that come in multiple days a week we wanted to find a way to say thanks for choosing us. I was thinking of the old fashion punch card for clients that work in the neighborhood and stop in for their Caramel Latte or Cappuccino every morning but couldn't, myself, imagine keeping track of a little punch card and didn't think customers would want to do that either in this digital age. Then I thought... well ok how about an app..There are a few out there that offer this type of digital punch card reward system. But, then putting myself in the customers shoes again I thought " oh heck no I don't want to sign up for another app!" What a pickle! But low and behold the answer was right in front of me! Lucky for us, our Point of sale system Square offers a loyalty program built right in that is easy for both the staff and the customer to use.

If you are not familiar with Loyalty Programs here is the way ours works:

Step #1 - Come in and enjoy delicious food and drinks!'s that easy. Dine-in or take-away. Spend any amount.

Step #2 - Earn Points

When it's time to pay your bill just tell us your cell phone number (don't worry we won't use it for anything but sending your rewards), or use the credit card associated with your loyalty program account*. For every dollar you spend you earn 1 point. These points will accumulate as you dine with us. We have set "point thresholds" for you to hit to earn discounts and free items!

50 points - 1 free coffee drink
100 points - $10 off your check
200 points - 1 free dinner entree

* more info on how to set up your loyalty account below.

Step #3 - Save or Spend

Each time you make a purchase you will be texted to let you know how many points you have earned and if you have any of these coupons available. Use your coupons as they come or save up your points to get to the bigger deals ( a free dinner entree ain't too shabby).

How to sign up and start earning points:

It's too easy right!? the points add up quicker than you think! So here is how you sign up:

1) Next time your are dining with us let us know you are interested in signing up BEFORE YOU PAY and all we need is your cell phone number (to text you when you have rewards). All your points will be stored with this phone number. Then you will give us this phone number each time you pay and start earning points. Even better, if you use the same credit card as when you signed up it will automatically account for your points without needing to give your phone number each time.


2) Just click on the link below and it will take you to the sign up page. Then make sure to tell your server you have a loyalty phone number BEFORE YOU PAY the first time. Remember, you can use the same credit card each time and points will be added automatically. Easy Peezy!

You did it!

No need to carry around a punch card or download a new App, however if you use the Cash App, you are able to keep track of your points and coupons very easily there too.Otherwise you will be notified by text message if a new coupon is available. Just click on the link that is provided in the text to receive the coupon code.

We are so grateful for you!

I hope you will enjoy getting a little perk from being one of our "Regulars" and don't worry there are more fun discounts and perks to come! We will be doing promotions and adding new point brackets as we go so make sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our square email list for any new deals!

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