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We are OPEN for Take-Out!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Order Online today! Monday- Friday 11am - 4pm

As of April 6th Live Oak Cafe is back up and running. We closed for a couple weeks in March to await more information about Covid19 and what recommendations there were for restaurants. After going over our financials and evaluating our menu, we decided that we could offer a small grab n' go market type of take-out to help provide a quick tasty meal option for our regulars and those staying at the Best Western Hotel. Our new hours are: Monday - Friday from 11am- 4pm. We strongly encourage guests to use our online ordering platform (see link below) to make each transaction a little safer and a little faster for everyone! Since we are not quite able to hire back our staff Mark and I are running it by ourselves. This model is our best bet to make great tasting meals without getting too overwhelming for the two of us. Its been really fun incorporating our signature dishes that our customers have come to love such as our bacon fried rice, turkey pot pies, and chili and trying out new ideas as well. We are making

"...home-made small batch potato chips which are hard to stop eating,"

herbed focaccia bread for our smoked turkey sandwiches and crisp veggie sandwiches, delicious quiches, and smoked salmon. I of course had to make some sweet treats too, so I've been making cookies and pastries such as Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies and Cinnamon Rolls changing it up week to week. We are following all the guidelines we have been given and taking every precaution to make your meals safely. I am even learning how to sew my own face masks! Why not pick up a new hobby am I right?! It feels really good to be back... even if it is different, and to see our regulars, even if most of your faces are covered. I am really proud of our community for taking this epidemic seriously, it is such a small sacrifice to wash your hands a bit more, wear a mask, keep your distance, and stay home if you are able.

A big thanks to our Health Care workers sacrificing so much to keep us safe! #weareinthistogether #eatlocal #thankyouhealthcareworkers

Order online today!!


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